Monday, November 8, 2010

Gaps to be filled...

Through the last year or so, I have been in the course of meeting quite a lot of new people, facing go-ahead situations, and realizing weird and strange particulars of human behaviour. It may be for the most part because of my exposure to the so called outside world. For someone, who had spent all her years under the protective shade of her family and friends in a world that’s ideal to the extent that everyone knows and understands everything, everything is as one expects it to be, and wherein even the unspoken words get understood, the experiences of the real world are like gruesome discoveries revealing the traits of each human being within one's circle.

There are some not-so-good traits or aspects of behaviour which I feel have become inherent to majority of the people of Pakistani society. Please note that my post is not an attempt to self flagellate the people of our society. But, I have simply tried to state few deadly traits of our combined behaviour that I believe play a major role in our lagging behind despite the abundance of talent, and valued guidelines from our history.

1. We’re Matchsticks:

Yes, we are those: match sticks. Just a little prick is enough to ignite us. We bore within us so many complaints and grudges, so much despise and hatred, over the most trivial issues that we make irrational decisions based on our emotions and not on reason. Emotions are like wild horses. They direct us to the way deviating far from the reality. And when we let ourselves be directed by baseless assumptions, we sure are to fall prey to making unwise decisions and thoughtless reactions. We are one angry young nation.

2. We simply love short-cuts:

No matter what we have been assigned to do or what we are into doing, we aren’t sincere and dedicated to it. We look for short-cuts. We will find gazillions of reasons from nowhere at all to go for the easiest way. This one trait is ubiquitous. I mean, I have seen almost every other person who simply doesn’t feel enthusiastic about what he/she is doing. Teachers take teaching more as a commercial business rather than as a noble profession. Students study more to gain marks than to acquire knowledge and groom themselves. In other words, we miss the real essence and purpose of our actions. We suffer from myopia. We lack the vision needed. One of the five qualities of “Iqbal’s shaheen” includes having a clear and broad vision. (An entire post can be written on Iqbal’s mentioned qualities of shaheen).

3. We’re lost.

To put it straight: we lack faith and belief. We regard all our achievements entirely as the results of our own abilities and capabilities. We see ourselves as the master of our possessions. And thus, we become defensive and protective. Later, little by little, we begin fearing little things. In all in all, we become weak persons internally who are quick at defending, criticising, and percieving threats.