Saturday, August 20, 2011

Life as it is

So here’s a post coming your way after a long-drawn-out break. It’s not that I didn’t had anything to write on, in fact it were these two three months of spring semester that revealed the most inexplicable and mysterious facets of life, leaving fogged up traces of full-size question marks on my mind. I have realized that life unfolds itself to you only when you are living it and not when you are just a passive existence. Living is when you accept the challenges life offers to you, or when you yourself dare to challenge yourself by being in demanding and intriguing situations. And it is only then when you have experiences that either leave you devoid of thoughts or impressions, or inundate you with gushes of varied feelings.
I wonder how one can be at repose and not restlessness while undergoing or being conscious of the experiences life offer. Is it that what we go through and experience in differing situations is meaningless and not worthy of much consideration that we can learn from those experiences and observations? I often wonder how can one choose to live so naively and fail to develop the faculty of raising questions, exploring beyond boundaries, discovering till the depths and utilizing every tiny bit of opportunity available to learn and know as much as one possibly can because there is so much to learn and discover from our experiences, whether they be short meeting at the bus stop or casual hang out with your room mate or traveling to an entirely different place among people you don’t know.
I honestly have no idea if I am making any sense or not but the last few months of my life have been the most valuable ones. I started writing this post two months ago when I was in Pakistan preparing for my exams and I am continuing with its writing now when I am almost done with my 6 weeks exchange program in Malaysia. As I write this now in Malaysia, I realize how the feelings underlying the purpose of writing this post still remain the same, even after two months. The only difference being that those feelings intensified and life’s beauty exposed more.
Life could be as unexplained and confounding as one can possibly think of until one learns to live every moment by completely delving and involving oneself into that moment and avail every opportunity to ponder over the day to day dealings and experiences. There could be insurmountable treasures obtained from each moment lived only if one learns to completely live that moment and make his life worthy of such valuable moments by making wise and constructive use of one’s energy and time. Why waste your time thinking over the most futile of the matters? Why direct your thoughts towards something you don’t have a choice about? Why waste your energy over complaining? Why not learn how to spread positivity and liveliness around you and those you live with? Why not make each experience and moment worthy of some learning that might help in leaving a positive impact? Why not listen to the stories others have to tell? And why not share your stories with them? Why not make the most simple of the moments the most extraordinary ones?
The central point again ends up being responsible enough to exercise control over your life that will constantly direct you towards living your life the way it deserves to be lived. Know what’s important and worth investing your precious time and energy. You will soon experience the beauty of life as it unfolds :)
PS: I will soon be posting about my days in Malaysia. Most of what have been written on this post is highly influenced by my experiences in Malaysia.