Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Summer time

Two months of break from IBA passed as quickly as my first year at IBA did. Time flies. And now, there is only one month remaining to prepare myself for the departure from the comforts of home and for returning back again to the sociable and at the same time solitary hostel life routine. Although I have always loved the time spent at IBA and hostel, I never wish to be away from home. Therefore, this summer is a very special one for me and I wish to spend it in ways I can get the most of family time and also be productive. Here’s a short account of my activities this summer:

  • Visit to Larkana with family ( baba’s official visit):

We are all aware of the difficult time Pakistan is going through. Millions have been affected on account of the recent flood which is now moving towards Sindh. Owing to these conditions and my father’s job (general manager), he was asked to visit the power plant at Naudero to ensure the safety of the employees there. When we were visiting the place three days ago, the situation was much under control. Although the river Indus which usually seems to be nearly dry and arid had enough water, it was not in an exceptionally high flood. On our way, we spotted some relief camps with police officers, few tires and boats. I observed that, though many politicians associate great significance to this city which is the hometown of Bhuttos, it is still not completely well developed. There were few universities and schools (including SZABIST and city school), but the population still seemed to be poor and illiterate. Besides that, there were beautiful green fields of rice and wheat crops. These fields gave a wonderful view from car windows. So in all in all, while exploring the city, I get to spend some constructive time with family. Long drives of 5 to 6 hours provide great favorable circumstances to family members to discuss and debate on issues they feel are important. For now, I pray for all the flood victims. May ALLAH give them great strength to endure all hardships. And may they receive quick aid and resources. Amen.

  • Internship at Bank:

It’s an enriching experience. Not only have I learnt about the banking operations but also about the ways with which we should deal and interact with people. Remaining at home teaches men nothing but it’s the exposure of the real world situations that teaches men how to behave and conduct themselves. What I hate about interning at a bank the most is that usually the works given are extremely boring like posting entries into journals, learning about stamps, arranging documents, keeping records, filing and all clerkish sorts of works. The explanations given are not that boring though. Moreover, interning at a bank means four hours spent on a single chair with no physical activity except records keeping and hands movement. How hard I wish to get up and have a 5 minutes walk I can not explain!

Banking is a sedentary job with same routine works. All my sympathies with bankers!

  • Goodreads:

As mentioned in my ‘About me’ that I am a book addict, I love this social networking site for book lovers which provides them with tools to keep track of what they’ve read, compare books with other members, give book recommendations, write and read book reviews, join and form book clubs to discuss on books read and other various issues as well. So for anyone who has a real knack for book reading, this website is the place to be. It has other options as well like customizing your profile with favorite quotes and authors. The only misfortune is that there are not many Pakistani members.

  • Tweet, Tweet, Twitter:

I I have also sort of become a twitter-holic. Before joining, I assumed that this site was for youngsters to be connected and tweet their thoughts and let other fellows know about them. But I am surprised how this site has good number of great bloggers, journalists, anchorpersons, politicians and media devotees. Though I am a late embracer of this site, I find it an interesting and informative place to be

So, that is all I have been doing this summer!

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