Friday, September 10, 2010

The fuss over registration

One can never imagine what one might have to go through while his/her exceptional studying experience at IBA. You become indubitable sufferers of insomnia, dealing with multiple tasks at time, and successfully finishing your assignments just before the deadline. So that it could be assured that by the time you leave IBA, you have supposedly excelled in facing the real world challenges awaiting you.

You are burdened so heavily with pop-up quizzes, assignments, lengthy reports, and final presentations, that by the time you reach the end of the semester, your once gleaming eyes have turned all sullen with no glow left in them, the straightened hairs have all gone disheveled, and the dark bags under your eyes have all turned out to be as dark as the kohl you have so meticulously applied to your eyes. But, WAIT, all of it is acceptable. No complaining and whining about it at all. After all, we ourselves have committed to give our best in exchange for our high aims and ambitions. Don’t we ourselves dare to dream of becoming the future CEOs and corporate managers working in multinational companies? Don’t we take pride in ourselves being part of IBA? And sometimes even go the extent of being a bragging boaster.

But, what seems most unacceptable and tormenting about IBA to me is its cursed registration process, an inescapable major source of great mental anguish. It's nothing less than a torture. First, there are hours spent on grasping the convoluted timetable itself which most of the time keeps on changing and most probably won't be the same the next you go looking for it making you all the more crazy and mad. The IBA administration made it more difficult this time. Previously, one did the selection on the basis of teachers only. But this time around, it wasn't just about deciding on the teachers but courses as well. Had it not been the guidelines from our all-the-time-available-for-help seniors, we would have been completely lost and bewildered. However, there’s one positive point about the course selection process, which I mostly tend to overlook and ignore owing to the tension this process generates. Through this process, we can actually develop familiarity with the various courses we will have to take in future. It can be argued that the process sort of helps students in increasing their understanding of the courses (as many indulge in discussing about them) and enables them to make decision for themselves inculcating in them decision making capabilities. So, let’s not complain about the selection of courses; it provides the liberty to decide for oneself and helps in developing the aptitude for wise decision making.

The real unfair part starts when you have actually made all your choices, decided on the courses and their timings, prepared and scheduled yourself, and then later when its time to register for courses, you fail to register yourself for the courses of your choice only because there wasn’t enough capacity. Could not extra sections be made? Or could not the capacity be increased? I remembered I failed to register myself for General History last time and had to forcefully register myself for History of Ideas only because I lacked the smartness to arrange a PC for myself. Luckily, there were only six students registered for History of Ideas, and thus I got into General History. But had I not got into General History, I would have to endure that boring subject with much patience for the whole of semester. And the irony is that all of this happens only because you could not arrange a PC or because your server went down while registering from the ERP. This sure agitates students greatly!

Image courtesy: IBA


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MK said...

Hey Yusra! What campus do you belong to?

Yusra Zainab Laghari said...

Main Campus. I am from the class of 2013, your sister's batch.

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Yusra Zainab Laghari said...

Thanks Zehra! :D